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I started my working career installing commercial audio/video in schools, offices, conference centers. So, when I built my own home, I wanted it to be well-equipped and technically up-to-date. My lifelong involvement in professional audio spilled over into the home environment, making the challenge to blend into the house setting without compromising performance.

I soon realized what a mind-boggling array of choices faced the consumer. I was a professional, and it took me forever to sort through and select the best options for my home. And making sure all the utilities ran their particular wires to the right locations in my home was a nightmare.

When Modular Structured Wiring was developed, I knew this was the answer. A home electronics communication system using coaxial and Category 5 wiring makes everything simple. All incoming services and outgoing communications, as well as internal communications between rooms and equipment in the home, are connected through a server that accommodates practically any gateway device.

I started HomeWerxCentral to make it easy for others to have a well-connected home. I use the most advanced and most reliable equipment and installers I can find to insure your absolute satisfaction today and tomorrow.

Glenn Bladh
HomeWerxCentral for the well-connected home

“If I could give one bit of advice to everyone building a new home it would be, DO IT BEFORE THE WALLS ARE CLOSED. We can do retrofit wiring, but it’s so much more cost effective to do it before the drywall is hung.”

"A well-designed Audio / Video system will give you years of enjoyment and turn your house into a HOME"

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